Welcome to this site! I would like to tell you why this site exists.  I appreciate your patience in reading this.

I started lifting back in 1979 to help be a better athlete in high school.  I quickly saw how much strength training helped me in sports.  After high school, I got interested in powerlifting and competed for about 12 years.  During this whole time I was a fan of all facets of the Iron Game. I made a LOT of mistakes over the years. I started a web site back in 1995 when a friend at work showed me how everyone could have a free web site.  I quickly saw that one could reach a lot of people and help them in their training. I felt compelled to do so because then at least it would make all the mistakes I made worth it if I could help others. In 1995, Cyberpump (http://www.cyberpump.com) was born.  It grew very fast and I am proud to say we have helped thousands of people and continue to do so today.  It has survived thanks to people like you who are reading this. 

Over the years since I stopped powerlifting but continued to train.  I had a borderline cholesterol problem and I felt (and looked) like I was heading on the down hill slide.  I tried to eat better during the week but then I allowed what I called my "cheat day".  Pretty soon this one day turned into the weekend. And, the first day was no less a day of gluttony.  How does a breakfast comprised of cereal and eggs then followed by 6 chocolate cake donuts an hour later sound? For lunch, a large pepperoni pizza was the norm.  Let's throw in some milk duds and then a huge plate of cheese ravioli with a three piece cheesecake dessert as a chaser.  When I went for my yearly checkup my cholesterol was not improving and my wife frankly said to me "Do you really think you can have all that on the one day and it not have a huge impact!?"  I pooh-poohed her remarks. 

To be honest, just over a year ago I started seeing a lot of people my age (late 40's early 50's) start to have health problems. From cancer to strokes to diabetes to name a few of their illnesses and health problems.  My wife was also struggling with major food allergies and to this day has to eat very healthy and very limited as well.  And there I was, eating pizza (which would probably kill her) and all sorts of food she used to be able to eat right in front of her. Then it hit me one day -- I was an inconsiderate jerk for eating like this in front of her, I was borderline high cholesterol, my lower back hurt all the time, and I was getting fatter by the month.  It was time to re-vamp everything for good!  And, this included how I trained as well. 

It didn't take long and my pants were starting to fit looser around the waist.  I was seeing changes in my whole body that I never thought possible. Especially since I have never taken drugs, used no supplements (not even a multi-vitamin), and more importantly I was 48 years old.  I felt better. And, most importantly, I stopped being an inconsiderate jerk.  I became my own lab rat during this time as well. I had been battling my lower back pain from my abusive powerlifting days for years.  I was able to figure out not only how to aid my recovery but also throw away the nightly Aleve needed to sleep comfortably.  I was also able to figure out that I was performing my exercises like a egomaniac buffoon for decades.

I started helping those in my family and a few other friends and they saw themselves literally transform their physiques as well in short periods of time. I went to the doctor this year and that borderline cholesterol problem was gone. My blood work was literally transformed as well!  I had joined a commercial gym this past year and I have been bombarded by people toiling away like hamsters on a wheel and literally no one seemed to look like they trained.  I always feel like stopping people and telling them what I have learned. It's is really SIMPLE stuff to literally transform your body and your health! 

This is why I decided to write this eBook.  I really felt compelled to share what I learned and this eBook is the result.  In addition, I really want Cyberpump to survive as a site and all the sites it now contains such as IronHistory.com.  The sales from this eBook will help to maintain running these sites.

I am also not going to just throw this information at you without support. So, for those of you unclear about anything in the book, you will be able to personally contact me and I'll do my best to answer anything you might not understand.  This support will be FREE.  I want to help as many people as possible improve their health.

Thank you for reading and thanks for your support. You can order the eBook below.  You can also see my own before and after pictures. It was simple and you can do it too if you are motivated to make a permanent change in your life. In case you are wondering what is in the eBook, please take a look at the Table of Contents (click here).


"Bill presents a clear idea of what it takes, without the silly, hard to achieve advice in many books on this subject. He lays it out in simple real world explanations, that won’t have you running for a dictionary, or wasting money on the endless supplement façade.  I recommend Bill’s eBook and plan on trying the advice myself. It has come along at just the right time for me."

Jim Bryan
Bryan Strength & Conditioning
50+ years of training in the trenches


"I can attest: This WAS simple and DID work!"

Matt Cannon
Lab Rat for "How to Transform Your Physique"


"A concise but clear, step-by-step plan for fat loss, with two real-life, impressive examples as proof of its effectiveness."

Stuart McRobert
Author of several bodybuilding books, including BRAWN, BEYOND BRAWN, and BUILD MUSCLE, LOSE FAT, LOOK GREAT.


"If you're looking for a tome on diet, fitness and lifestyle, look elsewhere. This is definitely not that kind of book! What you'll find in this excellently composed e-book is a simplified, easy-to-understand road map guiding you in living up to what its title promises. That is, to "transform your physique.  This really is an honest, no B.S. approach. And one that obviously works! I highly recommend the book and the potential for great results it offers."

John Leschinski


"Bill's eBook is a great basic outline for getting yourself lean AND fit. Clear nutritional guidelines with a sample meal plan, solid exercise guidelines, and backed up by his real life experience."

Josh Hewett
Personal Trainer


I have been following Bill's advice from his eBook for a few weeks now and I have leaned up, which is really saying something when I can do it.  I have not been as strict as I should be but it works without a doubt.  I started on an actual strength program for the 1st time in years and while lifting hard, cleaning up my eating and getting good rest I have made gains while having to buy a belt to hold up my britches.  The info Bill presents is well laid out and easy to follow, well worth the money.

Heath Sexton


It is not like I did not know what to do, but it made me finally try something different and gave me the kick in the ass to start.  I have dropped weight through cutting calories before, but lost too much muscle because my protein intake was too low.  I have not gone full blown like you have, but so far have managed to drop 13 pounds in 6 weeks by making a few tweaks here and there.  I will have some of the foods that I have dropped in a cheat meal, but I really do not miss them.  I feel like I have lost that bloated feeling.  I will probably knock off another 15-20 pounds or so, and that will be fine with me.  I still want to maintain my strength, and so far, so good.  I am still tossing around 300+ pound stones and deadlifted 445x9 the other day (a couple of reps short of true "grind out" failure) nine weeks after I had my knee scoped.  I decided that I should get rid of excess bullshit weight that is just stressing my joints and heart, and I am happy with the results thus far.  

Steve Weiner


Bill provides clear, real world information that is simple to read and simple to understand. Most importantly it works. It is healthy eating focused and not a fad diet.  I lost 6 pounds the first week I used it.  If you are looking to trim down, I highly recommend Bill's eBook.

Bob Whelan
Whelan Strength Training
Super Natural Strength & Iron Nation




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